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All-American Vintage Trailer Rally
July 2nd to 5th, 2020
Powerland Heritage Park
Brooks, Oregon

No reservations required, there is room for everyone
Electric, water, restrooms and showers available

NOTE: If you are attending the rally, either as a camper or visitor, please take the time to read this entire page, it contains important details.

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The Nutshell:

- No reservations required. Just roll in and join the fun, there is plenty of room for everyone
- Brooks, Oregon, right off I-5
- July 2-5, 2020. Stay one night, or all of them, or anything in between. You only pay for the nights you stay
- $40 per night per trailer, no additional rally fees. Pay (cash or check) when you arrive
- Water, electric, restrooms and showers available.

- Note: we are offering an early bird special. For anyone wanting to roll in early, you can arrive on Wednesday July 1st any time after 10am. The rate for Wednesday night is $20, but be aware there is no electricity available on Wednesday.

- Eezy peezy lemon squeezy

Details below

The What:

The All-American rally celebrates Independence Day, great folks, and neat old travel trailers & motorhomes. This is an all-inclusive event not connected to any group or club, all vintage trailer enthusiasts are welcome to attend and join in the fun.

The rally is held at Powerland Heritage Park, located right off I-5 just north of Salem, Oregon. Powerland Heritage Park has numerous on-site museums, an operating antique trolley, and a 1:8 scale railroad that is big enough for the whole family to ride!

Here is a partial list of the on-site museums:

- Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum
- Oregon Electric Railway Museum, which operates the on-site trolley you can ride
- Antique Powerland Museum
- Antique Caterpillar Machinery Museum
- Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association
- Model Railroad Display
- Brooks Historical Society
- Vintage Machinery Museum featuring John Deere
- Pacific Northwest Logging Museum
- Antique Implement Society
- Pacific Northwest Truck Museum
- Steam-powered sawmill
- Willow Creek Railroad which operates the 1:8 scale railroad you can ride....and we have a history of loading it with trailer folks and riding it at midnight during the rally

Your camping fee gets you access to all open museums throughout your stay.

For more information on Powerland Heritage Park, clicky-click here

The When and the How Much:

July 2nd to 5th, 2020

$40 per night per trailer

The official rally dates are Thursday July 2nd to Sunday July 5th. Saturday is July 4th and Friday is the Independence Day federal holiday.

- Note: we are offering an early bird special. For anyone wanting to roll in early, you can arrive on Wednesday July 1st any time after 10am. The rate for Wednesday night is $20, but be aware there is no electricity available on Wednesday.

Don't arrive earlier than 10am Wednesday, we need the area clear to mow the lawn before that. Everyone needs to be cleared off the park by 4pm on Sunday July 5th. You are welcome to stay for one night, all of them, or anything in between. You are free to come in or leave whenever works best for you. You are only charged for the nights you stay, at the rate of $40 per night per trailer.

No reservations required, there is room for everyone! There is no pre-registration, if you want in, you are in....just show up. The rally is open to all vintage trailers defined as those built before 1976, or those built later with the same style and spirit of the vintage classics. Homebuilt teardrops are also welcome to attend, and we love vintage motorhomes and conversion buses, bring them out. No worries if your trailer is still a "project in progress", we'd love to see it. No "white boxes" or ugly modern trailers, we want to keep the vintage vibe for everyone's enjoyment. If you are thinking of bringing something newer than 1976, contact us ahead of time for approval, if it isn't modern-ugly it shouldn't be a problem. Contact info is at the bottom of this page.

Cost is $40 per night, per trailer. There is no additional rally-fee so your total cost is the nightly rate multiplied by however many nights you stay. This fee covers camping, event insurance, entrance to the museums, and the typical All-American Rally hijinx.

Pay with cash, or with a check made out to APMA (Antique Powerland Museum Association). There is no paperwork to fill out other than the registration form when you arrive, and there are no other rally fees to pay other than your $40 per night camping cost. Pay upon arrival at the rally.

Important note about visiting the rally: Powerland Heritage Park is an active museum site. Admission to the grounds is $12 per person for any visitors or anyone coming out to tour the vintage trailers (children under 12 are free). We don't have any control over this admission rate. Registered campers do not have to pay this daily fee, it is incorporated into the rally fee. Admission gains you entrance to all the museums, the Civil War reenactments and of course viewing of the awesome old trailers.

The Where:

The rally is held at Powerland Heritage Park which encompasses 14 museums on a 62-acre campus that was formed to educate the public about the technology and machinery that built America.

Powerland Heritage Park is located 1/8th mile off Interstate 5 in Brooks, Oregon. This is just a few miles north of Salem and about 35 miles south of Portland. Take exit 263 off I-5 and go west.

The address is: 3995 Brooklake Rd NE in Brooks, Oregon 97303.

This is field-camping. That is, there aren't designated camp spots, it is all willy-nilly on the grass. Park where you want, bring friends, set up in a circle....whatever suits you. There is shade under the trees (it fills in fast), or work on your camp-tan in the sun, or back in along the trolley tracks and wave to the trolley riders as they pass by. It's all first come--first choice on the spots, no "holdies".

Electric (15 amp) and water are available, but it may limit your parking options due to spigot and outlet locations on the grounds. Bring plenty of extension cord, hose and "tee"s. No full hook-ups and no black-water dump station. There is a gray-water dump station, but access is limited to portable tote-style holding tanks. The gray water hole is near the Civil War battlefield at RV site #26, under a trash can lid. Ask the hosts if you need help finding it; it is a bit like finding Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole.

There are a number of restrooms around the facility, along with showers.

The Rules:

As much as we would like this to be an "anything goes" rally, we don't want chaos and our insurance requires some rules. Here are a few guidelines. Abide, or you will be put in charge of a potluck.

- The speed limit on the grounds is 5 mph. Not 6. It is a safety issue. For more information on this click here

- Clean up after your dog.

- Take charge of your children. Keep them off the displays and out of the dumpster, etc. Be a responsible parent.

- No traditional wood-burning campfires allowed, however, propane "campfire in a can" is fine.

- Keep the pets on a leash, fenced, in a box or in your trailer. No free-ranging critters. If your dog bites, don't bring it.

- Yes, we know it's July 4th, but our insurance mandates that you leave the fireworks at home. Feel free to celebrate with some red, white & blue cupcakes instead.

- It's Powerland, it's a Civil War reenactment and it's the 4th of July. There will be noise. Fair warning to pet owners.

- Alcohol is best consumed after 5pm, or at least keep it on the down-low.

- Quieter time after 10pm. Much quieter time after 11pm. Friday and Saturday nights are party nights in the trailer park so music, dancing and socializing might run a bit past 10:30pm.

Scooter, cart and bike rules:
We are all about the bikes, but this is not a great venue for them. With hundreds of people on-site, there is a lot of foot traffic in the park and we don't want any collisions. If you bring a bike, riding after 4pm is best and stay out of the Civil War area. Motorized (electric, gas, etc) two-wheeled scooters are not permitted. Slow moving three or four wheeled carts are fine. Mobility devices are permitted, of course. The key here is the 5mph speed limit.

The Civil War area is limited to foot-traffic, they are trying to stay period-correct, please respect that.

- There is a 5mph speed limit everywhere on the grounds for all vehicles including bikes.

Our biggest headache each year is enforcing the park's 5 mph speed limit. Please help make it easy on us, we don't want to be the trailer park police.

- Generators are ok, but may limit where you can park. That is, if you bring a generator you better camp away from the crowd where the noise won't bother others.

- No tents (except a small pup-tent for the kids that gets put away during the day). If you have a really awesome vintage tent you'd like to use send me a picture, maybe I'll make an exception.

- Non-vintage tow vehicles, those built after 1976, will be unhitched and parked in the parking lot about 100 yards away. This is to free-up space and to maintain the vintageyness feel. This is a rural area, there has never been a theft from this parking lot. If you have a newer tow vehicle that has a cool factor we'll probably allow it to stay with the trailers. No, your Subaru Outback is not cool. If you feel you deserve special parking arrangements (handicapped, special needs, whatever) let us know when you arrive, we have a special area just for you.

In general, help us keep the trailer park safe and maintain the vintage vibe.

The War:

Step back in time to 1863. Just across the trolley tracks from our camp area will be a twice-daily reenactment of a Civil War battle complete with an artillery demonstration. Fair warning for pet owners: it's loud. This is the only vintage trailer rally that offers an education in the War between the States. A few hundred Civil War reenactors will be camped in a separate area of the grounds and they welcome tours of their camp area (hey, just like us!) and will be offering a period-correct glimpse into the past with Civil War era clothing and goods. This is a well-established group who will be providing a variety of demonstrations each day on subjects from 19th century medical care to cooking. There is even a ladies fashion show. These are great people who are just like us----they love their hobby, love to display their items, and love to talk about it all. They will be passing through our camp area to look at trailers, and we enjoy an evening social dance with them, 1863 style. It's a fun time. Find out more about the Northwest Civil War Council here

The Nearby Stuff:

There is a large truck stop for fuel and chrome lug-nuts, and a decent restaurant within walking distance. There is a Subway, Taco Bell and Carl's Jr across the street. Just 10 minutes north is a Walmart and for the serious shoppers, the popular Woodburn Premium Outlet Mall. There is a small market about 1/4 mile from the venue and a Safeway five miles away in Keizer. At the next exit south on the freeway is Keizer Station with a variety of restaurants including Hops-n-Drops, Outback Steakhouse, McDonalds, Burger King, Gustav's, Panda Express and a brand new In-N-Out Burger. A hidden gem of the Willamette Valley is the Evergreen Aviation Museum which houses the Spruce Goose and if you are feeling adventurous you can take your car across the Willamette River on the Wheatland Ferry to get there. Also nearby are the Oregon Garden and the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes (SF Giants affiliate) baseball stadium if you want to catch a Single A game.

The Miscellaneous Stuff:

If you have vintage trailer related items you'd like to sell, that would be great, just put them out near your trailer. Don't over do it, be reasonable i.e. it should be able to fit in a 10x10 foot space.

Powerland Heritage Park is an active museum site and there will be visitors all weekend during their open hours from 9am to 4pm and people will be excited to view the trailers. We will offer basic "open/closed" signs.....or show your creativity and make your own before you arrive. Use these signs to let people know if you are open for visitors or not and close your door when you aren't around. Our advertised "open house" hours are 9-4 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

There won't be any awards, but you can bet every trailer gets a cool rally sticker!

We will try and keep the rally area "vintage pure" by parking the post-1976 tow vehicles in the main parking lot out front. This lot is about 100 yards from the camp area. People enjoy seeing the old trailers without the newer tow vehicles mixed in and it is a minimal inconvenience that adds to the vintage vibe. If you have something that is newer than 1976 but has a cool factor, let us know and we will probably allow it to stay in the trailer area. If you feel you deserve special parking arrangements (handicapped, special needs, whatever) let us know when you arrive, we have a special area just for you.

If you are looking for a quiet, secluded weekend this is probably not your rally. There's artillery for Gomer's sake! If you'd enjoy a lively, very social time with new and old vintage trailer friends, and lots of neat things to see, come on out and join the fun!

If you are a vendor interested in participating, contact Powerland Heritage Park directly about a vending contract.

The Hostess and the Host: Your rally is hosted by Jacyn & Bob Gallagher. You can reach us at or 503-999-6626


- "If a trailer park and a 3-ring circus made a baby, it would be the All-American Rally" ----Willy Byam, no relation

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