Trail-Breaker Brochures

Note: I have included the approximate years each brochure covers, but pictures were often recycled from brochure to brochure. An example is the use of MK1 pictures in a MK2 brochure. Files are jumbo-large so you can see the detail. Enjoy.

Vintage Tracks Newsletters


1961 - 1962 Nethercutt MK0

1962 - 1963 Nethercutt MK1

1963 - 1965 Nethercutt MK2


1965 MK2

1966 - 69 MK3

Dealership Flyer

1970 - 73 MK3 Trail-Breaker, MK4 Scout and RT-140

West Bend 820 Power Bee engine

1971 - 76 RT-340

Factory Portraits

1974 - 75 Product Line-up

1974 - 1986 MK5 Ranger and MK6 Scout

1986 - 2000 MK7 Ranger and Scout

1998 - 2007 MK8 Honda Ranger and MK9 Kohler Trail-Breaker


1964 MKD Assembly Manual


MK2 fluid drive

MK2 Manual (Part 1)
MK2 Manual (Part 2)
MK2 Manual (Part 3)

MK3 and MK4

MK3 Manual (Part 1)
MK3 Manual (Part 2)
MK3 Manual (Part 3)

MK4 Automatic

MK4 Manual (Part 1)
MK4 Manual (Part 2)
MK4 Manual (Part 3)

MK5 Ranger/Scout/Mototractor c.1976, includes good info on MK3/4 Albion and Automatic

Ranger Manual (Part 1)
Ranger Manual (Part 2)
Ranger Manual (Part 3)
Ranger Manual (Part 4)
Ranger Manual (Part 5)
Ranger Manual (Part 6)

Honda/Kohler powered

1994 to 2006

With hydraulic brakes


With Auto-Grab front suspension


Lots more Rokon info here:

The Rokon World Ring-ding Annex
Note: turn down the volume on your speakers or risk becoming a toe smeller

1964 U.S. Army Swamp Fox II (Does anyone have a better copy of this?)

Remote Area Vehicle Test (RAVE)

1963 U.S. Army RAVE II

Remote Area Vehicle Test (RAVE)