Rokon Freaks

Crazy things to do in the garage with a mig welder and a six-pack

Front and Rear Suspension

Chains and shafts galore. Who built this thing?

Another Suspended Trail-Breaker!

I suspect the builder of these two bikes (this and the one above) may have been in New Mexico, anyone have any clues?
Could there possibly be a 3rd Trail-Breaker with front and rear suspension lurking out there somewhere?


Choo Choo

Three-wheel drive

Super mud-bogger


Yo quiero Bultaco-Breaker

Rotary Trail-Breaker

Ready for crazy 2-wheel burn-outs

Commie Engined Rokon

Chinese made copy of a Honda 110cc engine, with electric start.
For more info on these Jianshe engines, check here. They make a great engine for a Rokon swap.

Another Jianshe 110 Conversion

Sporty body-work....the future look of Rokon?

Five (5) Wheel Drive

The world's first Rokon truck

Lawn Mower Power

A vertical shaft engine and transmission from a riding mower.


Stretched six-inches and Honda powered


Another really neat Honda engine swap

Honda engine and a winch

Honda engine swap, this time with a PTO winch

Honda 125

Note extended main frame tube.

Electric Rokon

I x R = ERokon


How lowwww can you go.

Rear Engined Rokon

Leaves lots of storage room in the old engine compartment

Air Filter Freakishness

High mounted air filter right inside the gas tank. Very cool.

Snakey Air Cleaner

Butt sniffer.

Kohler engined Nethercutt

Mix of new and old, a Kohler OHV engine in an old MK2. Of note, this bike is owned by the son of the famous Big Daddy Ed Roth.

Little Yamaha 80 to MK2

Some swaps are weirder than others. This is one.

Honda 200

Another beer-belly engine swap

Red Donkey

Fat tire mud monster.

Rotary RT340

A matching bike to complete the Rokon rotary set

RT740 Twin

In case Mach 1 just isn't fast enough


Made in 2x2, 3x3 in-line and 3x3 trike....who has more info on these oddities?

Arctic Cub 2x2

Anyone seen one of these things? How about a picture!

Seen a Rokon freak? Send a photo, I'll post it here.