Unimog 411

A shot of my 1966 Unimog 411 Hard Cab

Mercedes Benz Unimog 411.117

6 speed transmission
2 speed reverse
4 cylinder diesel engine, 108 cubic inch, model OM 636, 32hp
15 inch ground clearance
83 inch wheel base
4700 pounds
Heater, roll up windows, nice comfy cab
Locking front and rear differentials (operated by a lever in the cab)
Front and rear PTO
Air compressor and air tank
Full hydraulics
3-way dump bed
12 volt electrics

These are the smallest of the Unimog line, known as the Mini-Mog or Punimog.

411 Pictures

Pictures from the internet of the Unimog 411. There are some very cool bug-eyed 401/402's in there also.

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